These rules (adopted 2018) are taken to constitute the terms of a contract between U3A Banyule and its members.

U3A Banyule’s Mission

U3A Banyule is a thriving dynamic community whose members embrace lifelong learning and positive ageing by sharing knowledge and life skills within a culture of respect, friendship, good will and with a commitment to community engagement.




Below are links to policies and important documents for U3A Banyule.



Code of Conduct Policy - Policy Guideline 03  [v.3, October 2021]

The purpose of this policy is to document the Code of Conduct for members and the processes that will be followed where a breach of the Code of Conduct is reported.


Health and Safety Policy    [December 2016]

The purpose of this policy is to document the procedure to be applied where a serious injury or illness results from an accident or incident, or where an incident occurs that has the potential to recur and to cause serious injury or illness. 


Intellectual Property  [October 2019]

U3A Banyule recognises that materials used by tutors and presenters of lectures, talks and
courses remain the intellectual property of those tutors and presenters.


Privacy [October 2021]

The purpose of this policy is to set out members' privacy rights and to document the framework that U3A Banyule will apply when collecting, storing and using members' personal information.


Refunds   [October 2021]

U3A Banyule is a not-for-profit learning community and mutual-aid movement. This policy sets out guidelines to be followed when considering requests for refunds from members.


Security of Information and Assets Policy - Policy Guideline 05    [March 2021]

This policy addresses the various ways in which information and assets will be protected and should be administered in conjunction with U3A Banyule’s Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct.


Sexual Harassment    [November 2012]

The purpose of this policy is to document what constitutes sexual harassment and the processes that will be followed should any complaint of sexual harassment be received.


Terms and Conditions of Membership   [October 2021]

These Terms and Conditions outline the obligations of the members of U3A Banyule Inc. Members will be asked to agree with these conditions when applying for and renewing their membership.








Additional policies will be added here from time to time, as they are approved by the Committee of Management.