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The U3A Banyule Semester 2, 2018 program below has been updated to incorporate all previous amendments.


Semester 2, 2018 Program/Timetable without course descriptions [.pdf, 12p, updated 15 Sept]


Course descriptions for the Semester 2 2018 program can be seen in the MyU3A listing  2018 Program.


Some activities require a payment to be made prior to the date of the excursion/event, known as Enrol & Pay Excursions/Events.  For a summary of these events in Semester 1, 2018, and the date for payment, see Enrol & Pay Events page. 


The aim of our program is to offer a wide range of courses and activities to meet the educational, creative, leisure and social interests of our growing membership. Our program includes topics and classes in humanities, sciences, languages, technology and activities, plus excursions and many social opportunities.


The planning and development of our program are undertaken by our Course Coordinator and a support team, with input from the Committee of Management.


Features of U3A Banyule’s Program

  • Over 120 courses and activities a year are offered and members can enrol in as many as they wish, for a small annual membership fee ($40 per year). Note: there are additional costs for some excursions, ticketed activities (eg theatre) and lunches etc.
  • Two semesters per year and course enrolment can occur any time throughout the year, subject to vacancies.
  • Courses/activities are generally held during the week (daylight hours) and vary in duration – one-off sessions, short series (eg weekly for several weeks) and others that run for the whole year (but usually not in the school holidays).
  • Some activities are offered on the weekends (eg Saturday theatre matinees, lunches).
  • We aim to have a balanced program, but do not want to duplicate what is already available in the community.
  • We listen to our members - via our membership survey we have received feedback and ideas on future courses and activities, which are adopted where possible.
  • Where courses and activities become full, a duplicate course/activity may be offered in that Semester, or a later time, subject to Tutor availability.
  • Our program is dependent on available Tutors and cost-effective venues.

Feedback and Ideas for our program are always welcome – please email