Other Learning Opportunities


La Trobe University: Attendance at Lectures for Full Members

La Trobe University offers members of U3A Banyule the opportunity to sit in, as audit (ie listening) students, on some of the university lectures.  There is no cost to full financial members, but you cannot attend tutorials or practicals, nor do you receive assessments.  For those who need library access, the university will issue students with a library card for use at the Borchardt Library.


Subjects are selected from the La Trobe University website using 'Browse all courses'.  The number of subjects you can study is limited to one per semester. U3A Banyule member participation is limited to face-to-face lectures, not online or blended learning courses. You can select 2 or 3 courses in case your first preference is unavailable.


If you have any questions or need help with selection of a subject please contact Sue Beshara, ph: 9499 2080 or at info@u3abanyule.org.au.  Do not contact La Trobe University, the faculties or lecturers. 


All U3A Banyule applications are lodged together through our contact at the University. You will receive notification from La Trobe confirming your enrolment.


To Enrol:

1. Become a FULL financial member of U3A Banyule. 

2. Complete and sign the U3A  Banyule Application Form for Attendance of an Audit (only) Subject at La Trobe University. (Hard copy forms are also available from the U3A Banyule office).

3. Applications are only accepted (by the U3A Banyule La Trobe Coordinator) in January or June, for attendance at semester 1 or 2 lectures respectively. 

4. Post your Application Form to Sue Beshara, La Trobe Coordinator, U3A Banyule, PO Box 454, Rosanna 3084; or send electronically to info@u3abanyule.org.au; or hand deliver it to the U3A Banyule office. Applications should  arrive no later than Wednesday 16 January, 2019 for Semester 1, 2019 subjects.  The application date for Semester 2,  2019 subjects is Friday 21 June, 2019.


Please note that while enrolment in U3A courses can be processed electronically, enrolment to attend lectures at La Trobe University as audit students is a separate manual process.

U3A Online – a Virtual University of the Third Age

U3A Online is an independent and autonomous U3A, delivering online learning. To undertake a course with U3A Online you need to become a member of U3A Online, the cost is $30 per year. You can then enrol in as many courses as you wish as independent study, without further cost, throughout your membership period.


To study you need only a computer, tablet or other device with an Internet connection.  Some courses run with a Course Leader (additional $5), others are self-paced for independent study. The courses are informal, there are no exams or assignments and no certificates issued. You can also participate in the social forums in the Members’ Lounge and other member based online activities. See www.u3aonline.org.au for further information.


GEMS for Enquiring Minds

GEMs is a free monthly email newsletter sent by U3A Online to any interested person in any country. You don't need to join U3A Online to receive GEMs.  Links to brief, readable research summaries, published in the last 30 days, that may help to improve your quality-of-life, such as  Research GEMs, Information GEMs,  Fun GEMs and Technical GEMs.  https://www.u3aonline.org.au/content/gems

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)

MOOCS are free university-level online courses offered by a wide range of universities around the world, including Harvard, Boston, Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Business and many Australian universities. Access to the online courses is facilitated by companies such, as Coursera and edX.


Once enrolled, you have free access to lectures, discussions and course materials. Some courses commence on a set date, some run on a regular basis, eg monthly, and others are flexible, self-paced and can be commenced any time. As a non-paying student, you do not have assessments. However, you can choose to complete assessment tasks (a small fee applies) and receive a certificate of completion if they are completed satisfactorily. 

There are more than 40 subject category areas and over 1700 courses starting in just one month!  A list of available courses can be viewed on https://www.mooc-list.com/ and you can register and enrol in courses, by linking to this website.