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The following resources have been prepared to assist you in administering and running your classes efficiently: Tutor Guidelines for Teaching at ILCH explains U3A procedures and processes, and provides step-by-step instructions on using the equipment at ILCH. The MyU3A Database -Tutor Instructions explain how to use the MyU3A Portal to manage the administrative requirements of your classes.


You can open and read the documents online or use the download option in your Adobe reader to save it on your PC to read or print later.


Document Description of content  Description of document
Tutor Guidelines for Teaching at ILCH (Jan 2022) Guidelines for running U3A Banyule classes and using the equipment at ILCH 11 pages, .pdf format, 1.2Mb
MyU3A Database - Tutor Instructions (Jan 2022) Guide to using the MyU3A Tutor Portal to manage students and attendance records 9 pages, .pdf format, 1.1Mb
Guidelines for COVID Monitors (Jan 2022) Instructions for members designated as the COVID Monitor for a course  1 page, .pdf format, 536kb
Volunteer Agreement (2022) All volunteers must sign this 1 page, .pdf format, 240kb
Incident Notification Form (Jan 2022) To be completed in the event of an incident/accident 

3 pages, .pdf format, 465 kb

U3A Copyright Licence Explains the requirements for copying of materials by U3As for student use under this licence.

1 page, .jpg format, 965 kb