Committee of Management

The Committee of Management is responsible for managing the business of U3A Banyule and its specific duties are outlined in U3A Banyule's Constitution.


The Committee of Management also operates under Policies which are determined and updated over time.


The Committee includes:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Ordinary members (as indicated below)

The current  Committee 2019 - 2020 comprises:





Joan Learmont


Christine Morrison

Secretary (and Public Officer)

Milena Maranville


Brendan Quirke

Course Coordinator

Janice Kelly

Course Information Manager

Margaret Fievez

Communications Coordinator

Margaret Miller

Volunteers Coordinator

Jan Ramp
Office Manager Valerie MacPhee
Bi Monthly News Editor Cheryl Pritchard
MyU3A Administrator Dianne Williamson
Network Victoria Representative Jim Murphy

Michael Maguire

Bryce Phillips

Russell Scoular


Off Committee Positions


Assistant Treasurer

Lois Maguire

La Trobe University Coordinator

Sue Beshara

Publicity Officer

Toni Tyers

Tutor Coordinator

Helen Walker

Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub - Council Liaison

Janice Kelly

Website Manager

Penny Braybrook

Social Organiser

Fiona Wilson

Health and Safety Officer

Alan Marks

Public Lectures Coordinator

Maria Axarlis-Coulter

Membership Manager

Julie Marshall

Community Wellbeing Officer

Pat Amor
Newsletter Editor and Equipment Coordinator   MaryAnne Bennie
Office Volunteers Coordinator Pat Gropel

Representatives on External Committees


Banyule Seniors Network

Maxine Marks

Banyule Age Friendly Advisory Committee

Sheila Colls


 The Committee of Management generally meets once a month, on the third Friday.


All positions are declared vacant each year at the AGM and full members are eligible and most welcome to nominate for the Committee of Management. Position descriptions for all roles on the Committee of Management are available from the Secretary.


Nominations are called for at least 14 to 21 days (if there is a special resolution) prior to the AGM.  Should you wish to volunteer and/or discuss a position on the Committee of Management, please refer to Volunteering or Contact Us