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Enrol and Pay Events

For all excursions and events payment must be made at the time of enrolment (Enrol and Pay).


Enrol and Pay Events Policy

  • You must enrol and pay the required fee before attending excursions/events.
  • Payment  can be made via MyU3A (Member Login button) for excursions/events which require prior payment.  It is the preferred method of payment. When you enrol in an excursion/event, a Class Fee will appear on your Membership Status page in MyU3A.*
  • Payment can also be made by bank transfer and by cash or cheque in the Office, and will need to be recorded manually on your MyU3A record by the finance team. Payment cannot be made to the Tutor/Facilitator on the day of the event.
  • For specified Enrol and Pay Events, enrolment and payment must occur at the same time. Enrol and Pay for one event at a time - you should not enrol for any other Enrol and Pay Event until payment has been made for the first excursion/event and your MyU3A balance is zero.
  • Where a fee is not specified initially for an Enrol and Pay Event, this fee will be advised to members 6 weeks prior to the date of the excursion/event and enrolments will open at this time. The policy of 'Enrol and Pay at the same time' will apply.
  • When you enrol, a confirmation email will be generated and sent to you by MyU3A.
  • An opening date and closing date for enrolment is specified for most Enrol and Pay Events.
  • If you have enrolled and are on the waiting list, payment is not required until a place has been offered to you.

Refer also to Payment Options.


If you have any questions in relation to this procedure, please email and our support team will be in touch.


* NOTE: When paying Class Fees online, you will see a request to “Initiate payment for fees for 2023 Membership” and “You are paying $ (amount) for 2023 membership". We cannot change the wording at this stage – but continue with your payment, which will be applied to the relevant excursion or event.