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Our Organisation

The University of the Third Age (U3A)

U3A is an international movement that fosters lifelong learning for pleasure. It is a self-help body of volunteers interested in their own and community education. There are no prior qualifications or exams and no degrees awarded; the only requirement is that you are aged 50-plus and retired or semi-retired.

U3As operate in Europe, UK, USA, South America and Asia. 


In Australia, the first programs were offered in the mid 1980’s and currently national membership exceeds 100,000 with over 300 U3As. A general promotional video about U3A can be viewed HERE.

U3A Banyule 

Founded in 1986, with an initial membership of 59, U3A Banyule is one of the oldest U3As in Victoria. Today there are over 900 members - the largest seniors’ group in the City of Banyule. Further details about the organisation are available on this website and in U3A Banyule’s general information brochure. Also see The Story of U3A Banyule, which traces our growth and development 1986-2016.


U3A Banyule operates on behalf of its members according to the Constitution. Other documents relevant to its governance and procedures can be viewed in the Document Library.


We depend on members offering their services. For further information, see Volunteering on this website. 


U3A Banyule offers opportunities for the local community to attend our program as non-members through the monthly Public Lectures Series and an Annual Forum. 

U3A Banyule in a Snapshot 

  • is for retired or semi-retired residents of the City of Banyule and surrounds.
  • is not for profit.
  • comprises volunteers – there are no paid staff.
  • offers educational, creative and recreational courses and activities to its members, which are led by Tutors.
  • provides a friendly environment in which to pursue your interests.  
  • is not academic, nor sectarian, nor political.
  • operates on the principles of self-management and mutual support.
  • is governed by a Committee of Management.
  • identifies directions and priority actions as outlined in the Strategic Plan 2022-2024.


U3A Banyule's Mission

U3A Banyule is a thriving dynamic community whose members embrace lifelong learning and positive ageing by sharing knowledge and life skills within a culture of respect, friendship, goodwill and with a commitment to community engagement.

U3A Banyule’s Values 

  • Learning
  • Respect 
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Inclusiveness

Life Members of U3A Banyule

Life Membership is bestowed on members who have made an extraordinary contribution towards the advancement of U3A Banyule, demonstrating outstanding qualities of leadership and innovation. Our Life Members are: