Membership Fees for 2020:

  • $45 for a full membership ($30 if joining after 1 June).
  • $25 for an associate membership (no half-yearly rate). Note: an associate member must currently be a full member of another U3A and show proof of this membership. Associate members are unable to vote at the AGM or hold office on the Committee of Management and cannot attend undergraduate courses at La Trobe University.

 By becoming a member of U3A Banyule, members agree to support its purposes and the Constitution.


Joining U3A Banyule or Membership Renewal Online Using MyU3A

MyU3A is an efficient, online membership and course enrolment system. We strongly encourage those with an email address to use MyU3A.


Our Support Team is available to assist with any problems or questions at

 Existing Members




Enter your ID and password, update your personal details if necessary and pay online (payment option 1 below). Remember to provide details for someone who can be contacted in case of emergency.


Once annual membership is renewed, you can enrol online in courses, activities and excursions.

New Members




Follow the prompts to provide your personal details, create an ID and password and pay online (payment option 1 below). Please ensure that you also provide details for someone who can be contacted in case of emergency.


Once you have joined, you can enrol online in courses, activities and excursions.

Payment Options for Membership:

The preferred method is Option 1 -  it enables immediate access to course enrolment and reduces work for our volunteers

1.  Online payment through MyU3A (access via above buttons) using the U3A Banyule PayPal account, with your credit card. It is not necessary to have a personal PayPal account and there are no additional fees. Once you have paid, from the PayPal receipt page, press "Return to the Seller's Website" to return to MyU3A to check your payment has been processed.

2.  Cheque, cash or Electronic Funds Transfer not using MyU3A: A Membership Application Form  must be completed, with payment attached (or receipt if EFT) and mailed or delivered to the office (see Payment Options for details). Processing may take up to two weeks.

Our Privacy Policy sets out members' privacy rights and documents the framework that U3A Banyule will apply when collecting, storing and using members' personal information. This policy indicates that U3A Banyule may take images (photo or video) of members for use in newsletters, the website and other U3A Banyule publications and it is up to the individual to inform the Secretary, U3A Banyule if they do not give permission.  

 U3A Banyule is a not -for- profit organisation with no paid staff and is solely dependent on volunteers. We encourage members to share their special knowledge, skills and interests by offering to volunteer within a range of areas and this can be indicated when joining and throughout your time as a member (see Volunteering)