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Members of U3A Banyule may be interested in the following events and activities that are conducted in City of Banyule.  Invitations to participate in research and other projects are also listed.


A Challenge to Keep Healthy by Taking Part in the Premier’s Active April

One of the most important things we can do as we age is be as healthy as possible. The Premier’s Active April encourages all Victorians to do 30 minutes of physical activity a day during April. It’s free, fun and part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to get more people moving. If you sign up you’ll have online access to free fitness support, discounts, and special offers.


Many of our members participate in activities that keep them active and feeling healthier. For example, our weekly classes of Line Dancing, Walks for Fun, Tai Chi and Yoga. Other activities you could record could include gardening, walking, lawn bowls, gym and much more.


Our Bimonthly News Editor, Cheryl Pritchard has registered a U3A Banyule team and invites members to join by following these steps:

  1. Register on the Active April website - you will receive a confirmation email
  2. Then log in to access the Tracker to track your activity throughout the month
  3. To join the U3A Banyule team, scroll down to the bottom of the Team page and “Request to Join a Team” – our ID is u3a-banyule
  4. Cheryl will then accept your request and you will receive a confirmation email
  5. Any activity time that you record on the Tracker, will be recorded on the team tally
  6. Enjoy fun and fitness together.


  • Members can join now and log in their activity on a daily basis as a trial before 1 April, however on 1 April, the tracker will return to zero to commence the tally of the collective minutes of team activity for the month of April.
  • Individual team members will be able to see who else has joined the team, the number of days they have been active, and the total amount of activity time. It is not a competition, however peer support may be just the thing you need to keep going. Ideally you will aim for an average 30 minutes activity time per day and this could be taken as 10 minutes x 3 activity times or 210 minutes per week. All activity time, no matter how small, will be added to the team tally.
  • If you cannot record your activity each day, it is possible to select a past date, to add your activity time.
  • You can join any time during the month of April, however the more we have on our team at the beginning of April, the better for U3A Banyule’s progressive tally
  • Any inquiries should be directed to Cheryl at

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La Trobe University: Attendance at Lectures for Full Members

La Trobe University offers members of U3A Banyule the opportunity to sit in, as audit (ie listening) students, on some of the university lectures.  You cannot attend tutorials or practicals, nor do you receive assessments.  For those who need library access, the university will issue students with a library card for use at the Borchardt Library.  See under Courses, Other Learning Opportunities for more details and enrolment instructions. 


La Trobe University Public Lectures

Discover La Trobe University's Public Lecture series, which cover a wide range of topics.


Australian Institute of Archaeology, La Trobe University, "Ozymandias and the British Discovery of Ancient Egypt", by Professor Toby Wilkinson, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Lincoln, UK, Monday 25 February 2019, 5.15pm. No charge. For further details refer to the flyer