Course Enrolment

Enrolment for Semester 2, 2018

Open Monday  18 June, 2018


Criteria for Course Enrolment

  • Membership fees must be paid before you can enrol in a course.

  • Course descriptions are provided in Course Information or MyU3A.

  • Every course offered in Semester 2, 2018, has available places, although a small number may have very limited places.  You are encouraged to enrol in courses/excursions even if they are full, so that your name will appear on the waiting list.  This will be an indicator of interest and, where possible, a duplicate course/excursion may be offered during the Semester or at a later time, subject to Tutor availability. Members on the waiting list may be offered priority enrolment in a duplicate course/excursion prior to it being promoted more widely. 

  • If you are currently enrolled in an on-going course, and wish to continue in Semester 2 2018, you are not required to re-enrol as this will be done by our administration. However, you must ensure that your membership is current and notify your Tutor that you wish to continue.

  • For excursions/events where prior payment by a specified due date is required, you must ensure that payment is received by the due date.  If payment is not received in time, it will be assumed that you are not coming. The preferred method for payment is via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Refer to Enrol and Pay Events and Payment Options for details. Payment can also be made through the office or by mail.


Procedure for Enrolment

Only financial members can enrol in a course.


1.  Online Course Enrolment Using MyU3A:

  • Member Login with your ID and password, and follow the prompts to view and select classes (at bottom of screen).
  • Select courses. If a course is FULL this will be stated next to the Course Description but you can request to be waitlisted. When you have selected all your courses press Next (at bottom of screen).
  • Your ‘Class Status’ will be shown (ie if you have a place or if you are on a waiting list).
  • By then pressing Next (at bottom of screen) your selections are confirmed and you will be returned to your Member Summary. You are advised to print a copy of this by pressing the print (at bottom of screen).
  • When finished press Exit.

Note: waitlisted members are accepted into a course in the order in which they enrolled. It is important to check your member profile on a regular basis to check whether the tutor has accepted you into a course for which you were waitlisted.


Our Support Team is available to assist with any problems or questions at


2.  Course Enrolment Through the Office: 

  • Either in person or by mail using My Enrolment Form (include self-addressed envelope with stamp) –  see contact details on  Contact Us.  Please note tutors will not be present.
  •  Forms will be processed in the order of receipt and will not be processed prior to enrolment day.

Note: On designated enrolment days, Committee members will be present in the office to enter your requests on MyU3A. The form will be signed and dated and either returned to you on the day or mailed.